This one we are so excited to share a conversation we had with Nate O'Brien. Nate is probably most well know for his YouTube platform where he has a following of over 750,000 subscribers, but there is so much to learn from the decisions he makes and the life he chooses to live. 

At 22 years old Nate has worked for years to build a personal brand and inspire those around him to live the life they dream of. This former Penn State Marketing major saw potential early on and knew that he could find ways to make money online. This combined with his ability to live frugally, avoid short term gratification, and continue to set goals for himself has allowed him to live life on his terms. 

Now you can find Nate traveling the world ,creating new business ventures, and finding the hidden alternative paths to success. In this episode Nate tells us what it took to succeed, how he always chooses to "produce and not consume", and what is in store for him in the future. Whether you are a 18 year old high school student or a 60 year old retiree Nate will inspire you to find happiness in your life! 

You can find Nate on his YouTube Channel: Nate O'Brien and Instagram: nateobrienn (yes to two n's)


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