In todays episode VOICEMAILS are back!! We wanted to switch things up a little this week and go a little "Dave Ramsey Style" and do multiple voicemails on different, unrelated topics.

The first voicemail comes in for 24 year old Luke. Luke just moved to Nashville TN from Pittsburg PA to pursue a career in audio engineering. He's got $25k saved up with some invested and some in liquid cash. He wants to know our thoughts on investing cash or just keeping in it in savings.ย 

Next we connect with Steven who is feeling a little bit of FOMO and pressure from his friends and family. It seems that everyone around him is driving the nicest cars and living in the biggest houses. Because we are the minority in the frugal personal finance space we let him know that he is not alone. We talk about how we deal with this feeling and how we can use this as motivation to succeed.ย 

Lastly we hear from Joe who is looking to convert his basement into a rental property to offset his mortgage payments. We talk taxes and things people should be thinking about when bringing in rental income.ย 

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