We truly believe that trading options does not need to be as hate among the personal finance community as it is. We consider ourselves very conservative, boring investors with a large majority of our net worth placed into long term broad based index funds. Many that have to same opinions as use consider trading options to be a risky practice for only high level stock market professionals. In this episode we are going to show that this is not that case and that you can be an average investor just like us and still excel at trading options even if you are a bigger and earn some extra passive income every single month inside your stock portfolio. 

This episode will cover the basics of what you need to know If you are just learning about options. Options are like sports, there are many different types for many different people. It would be impossible for us to cover it all. We will start with some basic vocabulary that you may hear. For example, what is the difference between a call option and a put options. What does the strike price of an options mean. How do we make money what we trade options and what does the premium value of the option mean. 

After an introduction to basic vocabulary we will tell you the difference between buying and selling options contracts, how this is different that buying and selling stocks, and what is best for the options trading beginner. By the end of the episode, you most likely will not be able to log onto your brokerage and start trading options but you will definitely have the foundation you need to do some more research and get the ball rolling. 

You can follow up this education by hoping on our YouTube Channels (Brad Finn and JJ Buckner) and possibly investing in yourself and taking our online options course that will give you everything you need in order step by step to make your first option. Used Check Out Code "OPTIONS" to receive 50% off the course. The easiest way to find these resources is to visit our website linked below. 

We look forward to hearing out your options success. 

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