Our Wives Tell All #080

What an incredibly fun episode this was for us. JJ and Lindsey visited NY together for the first time. This was the first time our wives got to me after years of hearing about each other. We ditched the kids for the weekend and just spent some quality time together. We got to the beach, ate some pretty amazing food, and got to tour the big city.ย 

After having Lindsey on the podcast a few months back we knew that we would have to get Brad's wife Tara on as well. The four us sat down together and got to to hear our story through our wives eyes. We talk everything from what it was like paying off debt, to the difficulties of investing properly for the future and possible real estate properties in the future.ย 

It was great to hear how much the two couples really were on the same page but had totally different paths to get there. This will help show people that although we may all have the same goal of financial independence, there are many ways to get there and no one path is the right path.ย 

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